A unique dining establishment, Au Bœuf Couronné has been known since the beginning of the 1930s for the excellence of its meats and its vast array of sizes and cuts.



A classic Parisian brasserie across from the Philharmonic

Entirely renovated in 2016, the Au Bœuf Couronné restaurant can accommodate 150 diners in its spacious brasserie-style dining room. Arm chairs and booths covered in stretched red velvet, opaline-globe floor lamps, and geometric tileworking create a decor that is reminiscent of the Paris of yesteryear.
Nevertheless, Au Bœuf Couronné keeps pace with the modern edge of today. Its fantastic location across from the Philharmonic and nearby many other cultural sites on the North Side of Paris make it a must for fine dining. Seating hours are adapted to suit the needs of guests planning dinner out along with special musical outings.
Indeed, Au Bœuf Couronné welcomes you from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm and in the evening from 6:30 pm so you can enjoy a delicious meal before the concerts and shows. But if you prefer to eat after the show, Au Bœuf Couronné will serve dinner until midnight.

Au Boeuf Couronné is the last vestige of the meat traders of la Villette.

While you’ll no longer see wholesale, apron-clad meat dealers, you’ll soon see why this is indeed still the realm of fine meats. Meat lovers will be delighted with the high-quality cuts generously served along with sides of potato soufflé, a speciality of the house whose secret recipe has been jealously guarded. Based on your tastes and your appetite, you can choose between 12 cuts of beef, including the "Pavé des mandataires" steak cut from the fillet (300g) – the "Chateaubriand des bidochards" (700g) for two, or the beef rib (1.2 kg) — savoury specialities for sharing; or choose one of our traditional dishes, including head of veal, kidneys, and of course, the classic tartare, or one of our delicious fish specialities.



Enjoy your meal out on the sunny terrace

Open in the springtime, and weather permitting, diners can enjoy their meal out on our private terrace in the sunny courtyard, away from the bustling streets. The vine covered wall and superb vegetation in the courtyard provide a setting that is both romantic and bucolic, even though you are right in the heart of the capital city.

From the degustation meal 
to the express menu

Au Bœuf Couronné offers à la carte dishes that are both generous and delicious:



Grilled and beef specialities

"Small appetite" meats